Zombie Town

Quicky inspired from Will...

Believe or not it's a Cemetary...

Got a chance to paint finally! Wanted to go
to a place more ominous, like over @ Gravity Hill
in Sylmar, but the recent fires changed all that.
So I just went a veteran cemetery close by, little
to manicured but still got the chance to paint.

Castle in the Sky...

Another study that was inspired from a day at the beach.

Painting from Memory

 Quick study from life...

Power Hungry

Morning warm-up inspired over labor day
weekend, about 1 hour...

Letter's Between us

Finalists Best Cover Design Fiction 2009

Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Quicky Plein Air

25 minute quicky, managed to be done before we got kicked out! Painted on a fruit farm outside of Piru. About the size of two thumbs...

Chinese Gardens...

painted @ the Huntington, rare occasion...

Leo Carrillo

Acrylics Paintings!

Acrylic studies done plein air, 1 - 2 hours each. Shown in no particular order...

Workshop @ Bill Perkins House

La Jolla Shores

Griffith Park Observatory


painted this weekend in S. Pasadena...

T. Rowe Price "The Great Piggy Bank Adventure" game

...Much of the concept art I did is shown here in this you tube video,
plus a few paintings below check it out!

Oil Plein Air

Vasquez Rock


Some landscape paintings I've been doin with a few friends. We've been pretty diligent about goin each weekend to a new location. Trying stay up on my traditionl skills. Mostly been using oils, but I just started using acrylics again.

Ice Break

My colleague Scot teaches a speed painting class @ ACCD, I asked if it would be cool to take a crack at the assignment.

Go Baby Go!!!

So here's my first post for my new blog since I'm so bloody incapable of updating my old site. Thought it would be good for me to get some personal work going again, Enjoy!