World War II Museum: Liberation Pavilion


Final concept images on the new Liberation Pavilion which will present richly layered, interactive experiences that explore the postwar years: how the world—and America's place in it—changed after World War II.


Lobby Concepts

The following concepts are for a unnamed domestic project.

Robot Ride

Following concept was for an E-ticket attraction at a park in Korea. We did a full ride through of this suspended powered coaster from blue sky to schematic in less than 4 months. The ride system is similar to that of Arthur and the Minimoys in Europa Park.

Round Ride


Couple of concepts for a park in Korea that wanted a robot themed round ride. Sketched then built in Maya.


Coaster Re-theming

The follow work was for a client in the middle east looking to re-theme an existing coaster.


Rotating Theater Concept

Rotating Theater Concept for undisclosed location in China.

Shanghai Disney Resort

Sorry I've been of the grid for a while. Here's a couple links about some of the work I've been doing for the past year in Shanghai, China. As Field Art Director for Adventure Isle this has been the experience of a lifetime. Our park is scheduled to open June 2016. Hope you all get to see and enjoy it as much we had installing it, cheers!

Future City

Finally, had some time to do some personal work for a friend of mine. Shows my process from Sketch to completion. Heavily inspired by the optimistic futurism from Herb Ryman and Robert McCall, enjoy.

Digi-Paint Sketch Fun

Use of friends Leaf Brush for quick experimentation.

"Iron Man Experience", Hong Kong Disney Land

Official Disney release for "Iron Man Experience" Hong Kong. My piece is top right, other works by Greg Pro.

"Test Track presented by Cheverolet"


Here's a piece I did for the entry plus story boards reflecting a fraction of the work I did on the New Re-Imagined Test Track presented by Chevrolet at WDW Epcot.

Updated with video links to this project I art directed and installed. Really cool to see the comparison between the old and new show. Lots of memories with the joint Disney/ GM Team I worked with for the last two years... , Enjoy!

Re-Imagining Test Track

Another Plein Air, Acrylic Landscape Painting

Just went to Stoney Point yesterday,
for lack of a better word, 
to brush up on some much needed skills.
Nice day, acrylic on illustration board.

Mater's Tow Yard @ California Adventure

Here's an piece I did for a new ride at DCA, "Mater's Tow Yard"...


Here's a sample of sketches I do
sometimes on 3x5 toned cards, enjoy!

Concept Sketches

Here's an example of some sketches I've done
for the beginning phase of a project.

New Disney California Adventure Carsland rendering

Finally, I get to show some of my work:) Here's a piece I did last year for DCA of our new land, Radiator Springs. Announced at D23 and scheduled to open 2012...enjoy!

The White Tower

Robo Bar

Old sketch reposting...

"Adventurer Mike"

Character of myself, Enjoy!

Flying Ace

Old Study retouched...

La Mesa

Quicky in 30 min...

Zombie Town

Quicky inspired from Will...

Believe or not it's a Cemetary...

Got a chance to paint finally! Wanted to go
to a place more ominous, like over @ Gravity Hill
in Sylmar, but the recent fires changed all that.
So I just went a veteran cemetery close by, little
to manicured but still got the chance to paint.

Castle in the Sky...

Another study that was inspired from a day at the beach.

Painting from Memory

 Quick study from life...

Power Hungry

Morning warm-up inspired over labor day
weekend, about 1 hour...

Letter's Between us

Finalists Best Cover Design Fiction 2009

Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Quicky Plein Air

25 minute quicky, managed to be done before we got kicked out! Painted on a fruit farm outside of Piru. About the size of two thumbs...

Chinese Gardens...

painted @ the Huntington, rare occasion...

Leo Carrillo

Acrylics Paintings!

Acrylic studies done plein air, 1 - 2 hours each. Shown in no particular order...

Workshop @ Bill Perkins House

La Jolla Shores

Griffith Park Observatory